Make History is an open call for artwork project proposals, in photographic form (also in digital format).
The winner will receive the personal achievement award for best artist
(art. 6, Presidential Decree n.430 of 26/10/2001 of Italian law).
from 29/05/2009 to 29/05/2010.

Prerequisites to participate in make history

- You must be 18 or over.
- Fill in the application form at and send it together with your work, which can also be directly uploaded to the website.
- The photographs must be accompained by a short narrative text (English only, max. 250 characters) also describing where and when the photograph was taken.

How to submit the material

1. Upload to the website.
- The photos must have the following characteristics: 800×600 pixel, 72 Dpi, JPEG format;
-The text must have the following characteristics: title: max. 50 characters; narrative: max. 250 characters.
2. Postal mail.
The package must contain:
- The application form, which includes a copy of Make History Rules, duly signed and dated (in case of missing date, it will be registered taking the  postmark date).
- The photographs, which can be either  20×30 cm prints or files on a CD in  the correct digital format (800×600 pixel, 72 Dpi, JPG format).

Send the package to:
de Mitri Foundation
c/o Sartoria Comunicazione
Via Pietro Giardini 474/M
41126 Modena

The partecipant and the work

The participant, aware of the responsibility assumed, authorises the de Mitri Foundation to make exclusive use of his/her photographic material and  accompanying texts, and shall hold the latter harmless from any liability in the event of any action by third parties in and/or out of court; to this end the participant declares the following:
- That the materials sent are of exclusive property of the participant, and/or  may be disposed of as he/she wishes;
- That the people portrayed in the photos have granted permission and are 18 or over.
- That, in the event of material featuring people under the age of 18, permission for the photo to be taken and   used exclusively has been obtained from parents or guardians of the minors in question.
- That the subject protrayed are in public domain and are not covered by third parties_copyrights;
- That the photos and accompayning texts are not, or have been involved in plagiarism;
- That the photos have not been previously sold or assigned.
By sending his/her work, the participant agrees to all the rules of Make History.


- all work remains the intellectual property of the artist, nevertheless, from the moment in which the work is received, the De Mitri Foundation shall be entitled to make exclusive use
of it for the duration of the competition and throughout the following twelve months.
- During this time, the artist is free to exhibit his/her photographs, but not to sell, lend or grant to others the use of the material for which the Foundation has a temporary exclusive right of use.
- The De Mitri Foundation, during the aforesaid period, reserves the right to adjust or modify the dimensions of the original images in accordance with the publishing formats.
This shall be decided at the sole discretion of the Foundation without giving prior notice to the artist.
- The short narrative may be edited, translated, and adapted at the sole discretion of the Foundation without giving prior notice to the artist, while keeping the same general meaning.
- Should a photo be considered ethically and morally offensive, the Panel of Judges shall eliminate it and may exclude the participant from the initiative without giving prior notice to the artist.
- In the case where material is received without the accompanying application form, the Panel of Judges shall eliminate it and exclude the participant from the initiative without giving prior notice to the artist.
- The Make History Panel of Judges shall select the winner and their decision shall be final. The Panel of Judges shall then inform the participants of its decision by posting a notice on the website stating the winner’s name.
- The Panel reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to cancel the award for reasons beyond its control or if the objectives set forth are not fulfilled, without giving prior notice to the participants.
- No material received, whatever the media (photographic prints, CDs, etc.), shall be returned to the sender.
- Following the initiative deadline, all the work shall be viewable on the dedicated website for as long as the Foundation deems this appropriate.

All make history participants are granted

- The opportunity to compete for the final prize of 25,000 Euro.
- The right to have their name appear next to the photo, in the case of publication.
- The chance to take part in any exhibition and have the photos published in a final photo book.
Italian and English are the official languages of the initiative in terms of rules and regulations.

Final clauses

- The official languages of the initiative in terms of rules and regulations are Italian and English.
- In case of any controversy, claims or disputes arising out of the interpretation or execution of the competition,
the Italian law shall be applied under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Modena (Italy).